Nordic Folk a cappella

Photo: LisaLove Bäckman

”Kraja is Nordic sound in concentrated form. Kraja stand before you, a cappella and deliver four-part singing with a sense of form beyond belief. Four clear, rippling voices without the slightest friction. It sometimes brings to mind Gregorian chants with the same self-evidence as a phrase from the Scriptures, sometimes it takes a turn towards the slightly mystical Runö chorales, and sometimes there is a similarity to the transparent music of Arvo Pärt. Or is it simply the landscape that is singing?” 

Mikael Strömberg, Aftonbladet

”So sensitive, so stylish, so convincing and such out-of-this-world expertise. Such glittering, shimmering, irresistible harmony singing that switches easily and naturally between different moods, and delivers both elegance and dynamics.”

 Tommy Granlund, Östran

”Kraja’s music is as close to perfection as is possible and has an effect on the listener like nothing else. You go out into the world with a smile on your face, open the doors for old ladies, stroke the cheeks of little children, place money in the beggars bowl. To sum it up - it makes you kind.”

Gunnar Wiklund, Västerbottens Folkblad