Nordic Folk a cappella

With unique consistency and precision, four individual voices melt together into one unison body. Kraja have created their own musical universe - meditative, captivating and poetic - that has spellbound audiences and critics alike. After tours around the world, five albums, two EP:s, collaborations with a symphony orchestra and a Swedish Grammy nomination, Kraja have developed a highly influential role stylistically and are one of the most successful Swedish folk music bands on the international music scene.

The members of Kraja - Linnea Nilsson, Lisa Lestander, Frida Johansson and Eva Lestander - all met in 5th-7th grade when they went to the same music school in their hometown Umeå in northern Sweden. After some years of singing in school choirs and playing in various instrument ensembles together, they formed Kraja at the end of 2001. At the beginning the repertoire was almost exclusively traditional Swedish and Nordic folksongs for which Kraja developed their own characteristic arrangement style. With time this grew to also include more and more original compositions by the members.

The name Kraja means ”the place you long to be”  in the Sami language and is also an actual place outside of the city Arjeplog, close to where Lisa and Eva´s grandparents lived.