Nordic Folk a cappella

Kraja have so far released five collections of sheet music, one connected to each full-length album. These collection consist of 5-7 songs each and can be found through the links below. The release of more arrangements is planned to take place under 2021, also digital versions. Follow Kraja on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates around this. 

Isen sjunger (Singing ice)

"Isen sjunger" (Singing ice) is Kraja’s collection of old and new Christmas and winter songs, all arranged in the unique Kraja style. This is the fifth collection of Kraja songs in arrangements for four voiecs. 

Hur långt som helst (As far as need be)

Five songs from the fourth Kraja album "Hur långt som helst" (As far as need be), all songs composed and arranged by the members of the group.

Brusand hav (Stormy sea)

Five songs from Kraja’s third album Brusand hav (Stormy sea) from 2011. A mix of traditional folksongs and original compositions by the members. 

Under himmelens fäste (Under the heavens)

Songs from Kraja´s second album. A collection of traditional Swedish folksongs. 

Vackert väder (Beautiful weather)

Songs from Kraja´s debut Vackert väder (Beautiful weather). A mix of original compositions and traditional folksongs.